Superstar {Single}

by The Phoenix Bridge



"'Superstar' was a baby made out of frustration and desperation", remarks lead singer, Patrick Leaver, who had the following to say about the new track:

"When I wrote Superstar, I was so frustrated, angry, and annoyed because I wasn't where I wanted to be, in my life. I felt like I wasn't getting the recognition I deserved or my due credit for my talent. Usually, in moments of weakness like that, I would keep it to myself, rather than take it out on others and basically explode. Instead, I wrote down every feeling I was having, no matter how childish, arrogant, or immature it was, and the experience taught me a lot about myself. Through that, I was able to word it in a way where I wasn't coming off as egotistical, but as strong and confident in myself and what I do for a living. I feel like everyone has that moment where they throw all civility and rational thought out the window and just start saying what's really on their minds. I think that's what people can ultimately relate to."

This is the band's first effort since "Kingdom of The Sun", which was released in Summer 2014. Leaver was hopeful for the future of the band and what "Superstar" represents for them.

"This was the first group effort we've had where all four members wrote and recorded their parts. We have never had that as a band before and I'm really looking forward to making this a permanent thing. It also represents how much we've grown as a band. If you look at a few years back, when Matt and I recorded "My Eyes Are Open", we were just young kids. Hell, I was barely even 21 years old. Meeting Brian and Chris and just gaining that kind of chemistry with them has made us all better musicians. I couldn't be more excited for what comes next."


released November 25, 2015

Lyrics by Patrick Leaver.

All Music Written by The Phoenix Bridge.

Lead Vocals: Patrick Leaver
Backing Vocals: Brian Kibler and Patrick Leaver
Rhythm Guitars: Patrick Leaver and Brian Kibler
Lead Guitar: Brian Kibler
Bass: Chris Boschi
Drums: Matt Leaver



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The Phoenix Bridge

Loud and soft. Off kilter, but on point. Perfect imperfection. A constant regrowth of musical scar tissue. An infinite pattern of destruction and rehabilitation. Contradiction, yet making complete sense. Not Grunge, just Crash.

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Track Name: Superstar
I won’t love you for your money or your fame
Cause you don’t know my name
I can’t sell out for your pennies on your dime
Cause that’s the perfect crime

I’m the center of attention in my own damn mind
And my God, I’m feeling divine
I got the album of the decade and my daddy didn’t write it for me
But the light is brighter from the bottom
You can take me to the bank and tell the devil that I shot em
I’m the one you wanna love and I’m everything you wanna be

I’m a superstar

Hate the player but you don’t play the game
Unless you’re so ashamed
I’m ahead and I’m more than you can chew
So what you gonna do

If everybody listens to the words I say
They’d know to get out of my way
You’re gonna have to do better if you’re gonna do better than I
Your girlfriend’s in my bed
And I never let the pressure go to my head
And I never lose control like you’re gonna lose control tonight

I’m a Superstar

You can’t touch me
You can’t crush me
World, get ready
Cause I am crashing down

All you motherfuckers wanna bring me down
You’re gonna have to jump the line that goes back to down town
My libido’s always running and I always get my women for free
Everybody’s trying to tag me with a mista
Got the money in my pocket, but I ain’t gonna fix ya
You could pay a little more, but you’re never ever getting a piece

Of a superstar